The journey begins

Date: 16. Apr 2023

When you are reading this blog post, at least an initial version of the website and everything that comes with it has already been established. So let's spin back the wheel a little bit to how this all began.

This blog came up rather as a side product of a personal project I wanted to work on - implementing a German card game in python. For the game implementation I have dedicated a separate section, so check it out if you are interested! I have created this blog for three major reasons:

  • to have sort of a diary to write down the progress for myself as well as family, friends and anybody interested
  • to get a little bit into web development to broaden my horizon
  • to push myself into continuing the game implementation (since I know that it may become stagnant from time to time)

So when I stood in front of the mountain that is this project I wondered, where to start. I asked some colleagues and google how to do it (back then ChatGPT - or whatever tool may be the new standard search engine in the future when you're visiting this blog post - wasn't a thing yet).
Recommendations included Wordpress, other commercially available tools and free frameworks as React or Vue. I wanted to use a programming-centric approach and the fact that Vue.js was not maintained by one of the big corporations, but rather by a large community had a special appeal to me and it became my choice. I thought to myself: "Ok now you chose the framework, that you want to use and the rest will be straight forward." Turned out I was wrong!

Coming from python, my naive understanding was that the vue.js framework would be used like a python module that could be imported and after that one could use the different submodules and functions. Before that I installed node.js (like my python base interpreter I thought) so that I could use the node package manager with npm install similar to pip install. Once installed, the framework can be imported and used within a project like how you would use any other JavaScript library or module.

The more I read through the documentation, the more I thought that other people must have had the same hurdles when they started from scratch. There had to already exist one or even multiple solutions for a blog website implementation. Luckily I found the NuxtJS Content framework, which is specifically designed for my problem. I am using it for my website so that I did not have to reinvent the wheel.

In my next blog post I will dive deeper into the rest of my so called tech stack and some other considerations.

See you then!